Social network giant, Facebook is continuously updating their mobile app for all platforms. In the latest update, the company has added a new feature called ‘Secret Conversation’ to their standalone Facebook Messenger app.

With the feature, users can technically chat with another person secretly and that chat won’t be saved in Facebook servers as well. This feature is useful for many people out there. Here’s how you can use the secret conversation feature in Facebook Messenger.

Step 1: Update Your ‘Facebook Messenger’ App
In the first step, you need to update your messenger app from the Google Play Store. You can even APK Download the application from mirror hosting sites such as the or

Step 2: Login with your Facebook Credentials
Now, you need to login with your Facebook credentials. After logging in, set up all the permissions and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Choose a Person to Chat
Now, select the person with whom you want to chat and press the ‘i’ button beside the video calling button in the chat screen, which will take you to a screen where you can see the secret conversation.

Step 4: Choose the Time for Secret Conversation
You will be taken to the secret conversation screen, but the default time period will be set to 10 seconds. You can change that in the conversation screen itself.


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