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Heavy mobile users may want to consider “going light” with Light Phone 2


Smartphones are addictive and they consume our life. Now we can go back to our good old days where we can only have a mobile phone which is used for basic purposes such as calling a friend and texting them.

Nokia is relaunching its ‘Matrix’ slider phone and the Light phone is coming up with Light Phone 2. Companies are recreating the smartphones with minimal designs and basic features that allows users to use their mobile phones only in need.

The Light Phone believes that smartphones have a numerous number of distracting features and apps. Keeping that in mind, Last year they came up with a mobile phone that strips nearly everything out. Light phone only allows you to make calls and store nine phone numbers.

Light Phone 2 is a project that recently launched on Indiegogo, and it’s a 4G LTE phone that does the basics and nothing more. You can make phone calls, send text messages, view your contacts, and even set alarms, but you won’t find any apps for social media, emails, news, or games.

Light phone 2 is follow up to Light phone and is recently launched on Indiegogo. It adds features like send text messages, view contacts, set alarms, call for Uber cabs, read maps and even listen to music.

LIght’s creators say that it’s definitely not, under any circumstances, going to add social media, advertising, email or news features to the phone.

You can pre-order the Light Phone 2 now on Indiegogo for $225.


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