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How to find out and download all the data that Apple knows of you


Ever worried about the data that Apple has on you? You can now request the Apple to view and download the data that the company has on you.

WithGeneral Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming in to effect, Google and Facebook had recently enabled this feature for users to download the data they have for them. Apple is joining them to give users the full access to view and download.

For now, the privacy info and downloads work only for users in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. America and other regions will get access in the coming months. If you are from Europe, you can follow these steps to view or download your data.

  1. Visit https://privacy.apple.com/2. Log in with your Apple ID.

    3. Click on the “Get started” link below the header “Obtain a copy of your data,” and check “Select all,” or tick the individual options boxes;

    4. Select a maximum file size.

    5. If you want a copy of your iCloud-stored media, e-mails, or Drive content, the process will take longer, but Apple says it can deliver the content to the customers within two weeks.

    6. When everything is ready, you will get a mail from Apple that your personal data is ready to download.

If you don’t download the data within two weeks Apple will erase the data.

If you are not from Europe and still wants to download the data that Apple has for you can do the following steps.

  • Go to Apple’s Privacy Questions page, here: https://www.apple.com/privacy/contact/
  • From the menu select: “I have a question about,” and select “Privacy Issues.”
  • Fill out the form, include your name, email and location.
  • Add a sentence or two requesting all your data, for example: “I’d like a copy of all the data Apple has on me.”

Apple will email you to request some of your details to confirm your Identity, Once it is verified It will give you the Option to download the data.


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