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Apple iPhone 8 Rumors Update: Might Feature All-Glass Body, Wireless Charging, and Much More


Apple recently launched iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and the smartphones have received much praise from every corner of the world. Meanwhile, it is worth noticing that several users haven’t got their hands on the Jet Black variant of the new iPhones because of the limited availability.

As everyone knows that 2017 will be the 10th anniversary for the iPhones and Apple will surely plan something new to not disappoint the fans. An abundant of rumors suggest that Apple will be adding some impressive features to the so-called iPhone 8, which is expected to release in Fall 2017.

Coming to the name, Apple follows its naming scheme every year with a numeric increase in even years which contain changes in the external design and “s” versions in the odd years with changes in innards of the smartphones. Following the above-mentioned rule, the 2017 releasing phone should be named as iPhone 7s or iPhone 7s Plus, but Apple will likely change the number for the 2017 version to iPhone 8 which seems to be the most logical choice for a major update.

Also, a couple of early leaks suggested that the next generation iPhone works are already going on Isreal and the employees over there are calling the smartphone as iPhone 8. So, as of now, we can call the upcoming smartphone as Apple iPhone 8.

Next, comes the design. Design plays a major part in Apple phones. It’s more likely that Apple is planning a radical redesign for its next generation iPhone. Apple is planning to move from an aluminum body that it’s been using since 2013. Instead, the company is planning to re-adopt the glass backed body which it used for iPhone 4s. Analyst Ming-chi Kuo anticipates there will be three versions of iPhone 8. One is premium OLED model and the remaining two are the standard devices. At least one among them is expected to come with glass backed body.

The display might also be another major change in the iPhone 8. Apple is investing in OLED displays which are to be included in iPhone 8. Apart from the traditional LCD displays, OLED displays are more flexible and allow manufacturers to create more curved shaped designs. It also offers good viewing angles and can also increase the battery life. On the other side, these displays don’t have a life span as of LCD display and also they are more prone to water. One of the rumors is that Apple is planning to release a 5.8-inch OLED display for the premium model and the standard sizes for the remaining two models. Also, the 5.8-inch OLED model is said to have a curved display same as the one seen on Samsung Galaxy Edge models.

The most-anticipated rumor regarding the display is that the Apple is seeking to release an Edge-to-Edge screen for iPhone 8. Jony Ive, the chief design officer at Apple Inc, wants iPhone to be a single sheet of glass and with this new design concept, it could be possible. So, we might want to say goodbye to the iconic home button on the iPhones present from the initial iPhone. It has been said that the edge-to-edge display includes touch ID sensor and front-facing camera which would be embedded in the display. It is unclear that with this kind of design, Apple would shrink the iPhone size to the display or expand the display to the iPhone size.

If Apple ever goes for the all-glass design, then there is heavy possibility that the iPhone 8 will support wireless charging as well. Also, Apple is working on long-range wireless technology which helps devices to charge being far away from charging slot. With the elimination of headphone jack in the iPhone 7, wireless technology could be implemented in iPhone 8 to charge the device and lightening port would be left to earphones.

There are several other rumors surrounding iPhone 8 which includes biometric features such as face recognition or IRIS scanning. The iPhone 8 might be powered by Apple A11 chip and it would be much more energy efficient and faster than the current Apple A10 Fusion. Regarding the camera, iPhone 8 would be more likely to get the dual lens camera for every model releasing in 2017 which is currently limited to iPhone 7 Plus.

Amidst all the leaks and rumors, the next generation iPhone is expected to hit the stores in mid-September of 2017.


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